NEW DELHI: India in November recorded the lowest number of new Covid-19 cases in 18 months since May 2020.
Just over 3.1 lakh cases were reported during the month, a drop of 40% from 5.2 lakh infections logged during October. This was the sixth consecutive month of falling coronavirus cases in India since the peak of the second wave in May this year, when more than 90 lakh Covid-19 cases were officially recorded in the country.
Meanwhile, for the first time since June 3 last year, active cases of the virus in the country fell below the 1-lakh mark on Tuesday, marking the lowest point in the pandemic in India in nearly 17 months. In November, except for the week after Diwali, daily cases of the virus have steadily fallen through the month. The average daily cases in the first seven days of the month was 11,559, which had fallen to 8,893 by the last seven days.
More than 1.7 lakh cases during the month were recorded in Kerala alone, which accounted for nearly 56% of all infections in India. The pandemic, however, receded steadily in the state through the month. While cases continued to fall in the country, the death toll count appeared bleaker because of a large number of old fatalities from previous months being added to the count. The country reported 10,812 deaths in November, up from 10,169 in the previous month, and the highest toll since August. Of these, only 3,744 were recent deaths while the rest were fatalities from previous periods added to the toll, mostly by Kerala.
In the last two months since October 1, the cumulative Covid death toll in Kerala has risen from around 25,000 to 40,132, as of November 30.
A majority of these deaths were from earlier periods and have now been designated Covid fatalities following court guidelines.

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