West Bengal State Election

In 2011, West Bengal witnessed a historic election that saw the end of the 34-year-old Left Front government led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). The Left Front had been in power in the state since 1977, but had been steadily losing ground to the opposition Trinamool Congress party led by Mamata Banerjee.

The election was fiercely contested, with Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress mounting a spirited campaign against the Left Front’s rule. In the end, the Trinamool Congress won a decisive victory, capturing 184 of the 294 seats in the state assembly.

The election marked the end of an era in West Bengal politics, with the Left Front’s decline representing a major shift in the state’s political landscape. Mamata Banerjee’s victory was seen as a reflection of the growing disenchantment with the Left Front’s rule and the desire for change among the state’s electorate.

By Prachi S

Prachi is a passionate writer and thinker who writes about current affairs and politics holds post graduate degree in Business Administration.