Recent article in Saamana stated that those in power at the Centre are indifferent towards the ongoing farmers’ protest, and an “ineffective” Opposition is the most prominent reason behind the government’s apathy.

It also said that instead of blaming the central government, the Congress should introspect over its leadership crisis.

Due to lack of strong opposition party at center Samana suggested that all anti-BJP parties, including the Sena, should come together under the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) banner to provide a formidable alternative.

“Farmers are protesting outside the national capital. But the rulers in Delhi are completely indifferent towards this agitation. A disintegrated and feeble opposition party is the main reason behind the government’s indifference. Ineffective opposition is leading to this disintegration of democracy,” it said.

“NCP chief Sharad Pawar is an independent personality at the national level. In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is waging a lonely battle. The country’s opposition parties should stand by her at this time. Mamata Banerjee has contacted only Pawar and he is going to Bengal. But this should have been done under the leadership of the Congress,” Samana said

By Bhushan K

Enthusiastic observer of Indian news content which should be reached to public. Lets make India better democracy together through information and knowledge.