NEW DELHI: In a strong statement on India-China border issues, law minister Kiren Rijiju slammed it as misleading and said it is a “huge crime” to misrepresent facts to claim the Chinese have intruded into Arunachal Pradesh and constructed a village. Speaking at the Times Now summit, Rijiju said that a section of the media misreported facts and that was used by others to quote unverified reports that China has intruded into Indian territory and constructed houses.
“Misleading reportage have caused harm to the national interest and it has demoralised the Army. What pleasure do people get by reporting such misleading facts,” he asked objecting to reports calling them fresh incursions.
“Later, a small clarification was carried out that there has been no change in status of the disputed areas since 1959,” he said, adding that the media should be more responsible as such misleading reportage are against the national interest.

Later the minister told TOI that any news report on sensitive border issues should be at least factually correct and said for the government, every inch of Indian territory is sacred.
A recently released Pentagon annual report had said that China has built a large village in the disputed territory with India sometime in 2020 as part of China’s “incremental and tactical actions to claim new areas. The report mentioned a 100-home village by China in Arunachal Pradesh. However, the government has claimed that these disputed territories were in Chinese occupations since 1959 and there has been no change in status.

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