NEW DELHI: The counsel for an NGO, ‘Citizens for Green Doon’, Colin Gonsalves, has opposed widening of strategic feeder roads by 10 metres, popularly known as the Chardham project. The counsel quoted CDS Bipin Rawat, who purportedly had said in a candid manner that the Army does not need very wide roads.
Gonsalves said Rawat, a true ‘Pahadi’, had during a candid conversation said that the roads were fine with the Army as it has capable helicopters to airlift heavy artillery and troops.
A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud said that the court cannot ignore the defence requirements and say that environment should trump over concerns of army expressed in the light of contemporary developments on the Chinese side.
The apex court said glacial melt is not only because of construction or widening of roads, but a systemic issue arising from growing carbon footprints.
“Do you have any idea about the build-up on the other side of the border? We do not want the troops to be caught in [another] 1962 situation,” it said.

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