MUMBAI: A day after the NCB entrusted the investigation against Aryan Khan to a high-level team led by a deputy director general, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said he had demanded an SIT investigation against zonal director Sameer Wankhede for kidnapping and making ransom demands from megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s son.
After Malik’s demand, there will be two SITs, one by the state government and the other by NCB. “Let us see who brings out the skeletons from the closet of Wankhede and exposes him and his nefarious private army. I will be disclosing the hidden secrets of Hotel Lalit as well as the private army on Sunday,” Nawab Malik said.
According to reports, Malik is likely to display CCTV footage showing a section of witnesses involved in the Aryan Khan case. In the case, it was found that the main witness, Kiran Gosavi, was a criminal and wanted in at least four cases of cheating. Currently, he is in custody of the Pune police. Another witness, Vilas Bhanushali, is a BJP activist, while yet another witness, Prabhakar Sail, has filed an affidavit against Gosavi and a few other witnesses.
Apparently, alarmed by the stringent criticism over the manner in which it handled the Aryan Khan case, the NCB on Friday set up a high-level team led by DDG Sanjay Singh to take over six cases, including the Aryan Khan case from the Mumbai unit, which have national and international ramifications, in order to conduct deeper investigation.
Wankhede was investigating the Aryan Khan case. In the wake of reports that he has been removed, the NCB made it clear that no officer or officers have been removed from their present roles and they will continue to assist the operations branch investigation as required.
“I have not been removed from investigation, it was my writ petition that the case be probed by a central agency, CBI or NIA. Now the Aryan Khan and Sameer Khan cases are being probed by Delhi’s NCB SIT,” Wankhede said.
Malik said now that Wankhede has been removed from five cases, all the 26 cases registered in the recent past must be entrusted to the new SIT. A week ago, Malik had received a list of 26 cases which he handed over to the NCB director general. Malik’s contention was that the raid on cruise ship on October 2 was fake and fabricated.
Malik reiterated that his campaign will come to an end on the day Wankhede loses his job for securing it on the basis of a forged caste certificate. Malik’s contention is that while Wankhede is a Muslim, he has secured the prestigious job under the Scheduled Caste category on the basis of a forged caste certificate.


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