MUMBAI: A war of words broke out between opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis and NCP minister Nawab Malik on Tuesday. Opposition leader, Devendra Fadnavis and NCP minister Nawab Malik held back to back press conferences on Tuesday which saw allegations, denials and counter allegations.
At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon alleging links between the underworld and Nawab Malik, Fadnavis said that a company belonging to the Mahim family where his son Farhaz was a director had bought close to three acres of land in Kurla at dirt cheap prices from a 1993 bomb blast convict Sardar Shawali Khan and an alleged front man of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar.
Malik refuted all the allegations stating that the entire land transition referred to by Fadnavis was legal and there were no irregularities.
Fadnavis said that a company, Solidus Investments had bought land belonging to the Goawala family in Kurla for rates much lower than the market rates. “This land was bought from Sardar Khan who is a convict in the 1993 bomb blast case. Khan was part of the conspiracy and he did a recce for planting the bombs at BSE and BMC building.
“He was also part of the group who filled RDX in the vehicles at Tiger Memon’s building in Mahim. The other person from whom his land was bought is Slim Patel who was the driver, bodyguard and front man of underwood don Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar. This land is a prime land at LBS Marg in Kurla and Salim Patel had an irrevocable Power of Attorney (PoA) for this land. Nawab Malik’s son Farhaz Malik has signed the registration papers for this land. This land was bought for just Rs 30 lakhs and in reality only Rs 20 lakhs were paid. The Malik family bought the land for 15 per sq ft while the market rate is Rs 2050 per sq ft,” Fadnavis said.
Fadnavis said that this land transaction was started in 2003 and was completed in 2005.
“Sardar Khan is in jail as his conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court.He was convicted under TADa where all property belonging to such people can be seized by the government. So it shows that Nawab Malik’s family bought the land from Khan and Patel to protect it and they must answer if there was black money involved or were there any other reasons? Why did the Malik family land from a terror convict and those with links to the underworld. I am going to send all these documents to the appropriate agencies and also to NCP chief Sharad Pawar, so that he knows what ministers from his party are upto,” Fadnavis said.
Fadnavis alleged that apart from the Goawala compound land, Malik’s family bought four more properties from those who had underworld links.
“Nawab Malik was himself a director in Solidus Investments for a short duration. Why did he buy land from someone who was part of the conspiracy of the 1993 bomb blasts where so many people were blown into smithereens. This means that Nawab Malik has business relations with the underworld,” Fadnavis said.
Fadnavis said that Malik’s family had bought land from those with underworld links for a fictitious consideration.
“Since initially as per the registration papers, only Rs 10 lakhs were paid to Sardar Khan and Rs 5 lakh were to be paid to Salim Patel out of the Rs 10 lakhs that were to be paid. The ready reckoner rate for this land is Rs 8500 per sq meters and Rs 2000 per sq feet,” Fadnavis said.
Malik said that he would detonate a hydrogen bomb on Wednesday.
“Tomorrow morning I will detonate the hydrogen bomb on relationships with the underworld. Fadnavis has made a mountain of a molehill. Fadnavis said he will hand over these documents to the investigating agencies. But we are ready to go before any enquiry or investigation. Fadnavis has made a false pretense. He also gave information about Salim Patel and Sardar Wali Khan. Sardar Khan’s house is still in the Goawala compound. For the last 70 years, Khan’s father has been working as a watchman for the Goawala family in the same compound. When we took this property from the Goawala family, Sardar Khan had claimed ownership of a 300 meter patch. We have bought only a 300 sq meter plot of land from him. We did not buy the space under any pressure or from the accused with connections to the underworld,” Malik said.
“We were tenants on this property. When the landlord asked us to buy the land, the local watchman put his name on the land, so we paid for it legally,” Malik said.
“Salim Patel belonged to the Goawala family, so we registered the purchase of the land to get ownership from them. I don’t know Haseena Parkar, we have no connection with any underworld gangsters. I made no mistake. I have no idea whether Salim Patel is absconding or he is a notorious goon,” Malik said.
Malik also said that if there is no such law about seizing of properties of TADA offenders, if there is such a law then they should take action.
“Fadnavis had warned that he would detonate a bomb. But their firecrackers got wet before bursting. Now tomorrow morning I’m going to detonate a hydrogen bomb of the underworld and its links. Someone had taken the city hostage through the underworld. Which international don had come to India?”
Malik said adding that he will reveal tomorrow who this don was working for.

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