NEW DELHI: With the Modi government resuming business with the blacklisted firm Finmeccanica, Congress Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reveal the “secret deal” struck with the firm that he had called corrupt and run a campaign against the opposition party over the purchase of VVIP helicopters.
AICC spokesman Gourav Vallabh told reporters, “Is it now okay to deal with a company that Modi ji & his government called ‘corrupt-bribe giver-bogus’? Does it mean that the fake bogey of corruption created just before the 2019 elections is being given a quiet burial like what happened in 2G Spectrum Allocation a couple of days back (Vinod Rai’s Unconditional Apology)?”
With the hashtag “RIPlogic”, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Earlier, Agusta was corrupt. Now it has become squeaky clean after getting washed in the BJP laundry.”
Vallabh asked the government what would happen to the investigation that the Congress government had initiated against Agusta-Finmeccanica.
“What will happen to pending Arbitration against Agusta/Finmeccanica? Is this going to cause a loss to the exchequer? Congress-UPA recovered a total of Rs 2,954 Crore from Agusta Westland against a payment of Rs 1,620 Crore,” he said.

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