NEW DELHI: Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday said his predecessor B S Yeddyurappa is integral to the party’s vision for the state and his government was broadly continuing with the policies and programmes of the former CM.
“Yeddyurappa is a senior party leader and his tenure witnessed delivery of BJP’s policies very well. I am continuing with the programmes and schemes envisaged by him. Additionally, I have responded to the needs of the people of Karnataka,” Bommai said at the Times Now Summit when asked about the challenges since taking over.
The Karnataka CM said the immediate challenge for him was to prepare the state for economic activities after the pandemic situation got better.
Bommai said Karnataka, with 10 agro-climatic zones, is a blessed state which produces all crops- be it water-guzzling ones like sugarcane, paddy and pulses. “Now, my goal is to help entrepreneurs,” he said.
On a question as how challenging it has been to carry on his father’s (SR Bommai) political legacy, Bommai admitted it gets difficult at time s as people tend to compare.
“People want me to become like my father and Yeddyurappa immediately. Hence, I do feel the pressure. But I have worked under five chief ministers and experience has been quite helpful. I take this challenge as an opportunity,” he added.
About BJP candidate’s defeat in the recent bypolls in Hangal constituency, which is in his home district, Bommai admitted there was a disconnect between the BJP candidate and voters while Congress candidate Srinivas Mane had done exemplary work during the Covid outbreak. “The Congress candidate won because of his own hard work. It should not be seen as the party’s victory. Moreover, Siddaramaiah had won two bypolls the same year he lost the state polls,” he said.

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