KOLKATA: Actor-turned-BJP leader Joy Banerjee on Saturday said he has decided to resign from the primary membership of the party, after having “faced neglect” in the recent years.
Banerjee, who joined the BJP in 2014 and unsuccessfully contested Lok Sabha elections twice, also said that he has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, informing him about his decision to sever all association with the saffron party.
“I want to work for common people and that isn’t quite possible if I continue to be a part of the BJP,” he told reporters.
Mentioning that he has been removed from BJP National Executive, Banerjee further said, “My security has also been taken away by the central leadership. I am not a new member; I had joined the party way back in 2014.
“I had told Narendra Modi in 2017 that I would want to do more for the organisation. But there was no response. I won’t tolerate more neglect,” he added.
To a question if he had any plan to join the Trinamool Congress, Banerjee said he hasn’t taken any such decision as yet.
“All I know is that I would want to work for people,” he iterated.

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