NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda on Sunday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the “bold decision” of lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic and tackling the ensuing economic challenges.
Addressing the inaugural address of the first national executive committee after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, Nadda said, “Decision to impose the lockdown was a taken by PM Modi and within three months after the lockdown, all essential facilities were made available to people across the country. The methodology applied to fight Covid has three Ts- Track, Test and Treat.”
Praising PM Modi, the BJP chief pointed out that the PM led from the front to take on the Covid-19 pandemic.
“WHO applauded PM Modi for the leadership provided in the process by not only addressing the Covid challenges but also in showing the world how best to tackle the economic challenges that arose,” stated Nadda.
The BJP chief also praised the party for having increased the vote share in the recent polls.
“From general to the panchayats polls, the vote share of the BJP has increased. In fact, in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP has and is performing exceedingly well,” Nadda pointed out.
The BJP chief also stated that PM Modi is the only leader who has ensured the prosperity of farmers in the country by introducing progressive policies and laws for the upliftment of the farmers in India.
He also listed policies implemented by the Centre in the health and agriculture sectors.
“Neither the world nor the country imagined that India will come out with its own vaccine for Covid-19,” added the party chief.
He also mentioned that India in a very short time made the Covid vaccines and also have managed to get 100 crores vaccination done.
He also called on the party workers to ensure that people receive their second Covid-19 vaccine doses.
Nadda hailed various central government policy initiatives from the abrogation of Article 370 and various peace agreements in Assam and Tripura.

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