BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in-charge Muralidhar Rao on Monday said that people belonging to Brahmin and Baniya communities are in his pockets.
He made the remarks while responding to the allegations that BJP is seeking caste-based votes.
“Brahmins and Baniyas are in my two pockets….when there were brahmin workers it was called Brahmins’ party. When Baniya workers were there it was called a party for ‘baniyas’…BJP will be for everyone,” Rao said during a press conference here.
In a series of tweets, Congress leader Kamal Nath slammed Rao for his remarks and said that the BJP leader has insulted the ‘Brahmin’ and ‘Baniya’ communities.
“Madhya Pradesh in charge of BJP, which gives a slogan of sabka sath, sabka vikas, is now saying we have Brahmins in one pocket and Baniya in one pocket. This is an insult to the communities as the BJP means that they are the party’s property and in its pockets,” Kamal Nath tweeted in Hindi.
“What kind of respect is given to those classes whose leaders have played an important role in building up the BJP? The leaders of the BJP have become crushed in the intoxication and arrogance of power. This is an insult to the entire Baniya and Brahmin class,” the Congress leader said.
“The people who give the slogan of taking everyone along are now talking of focusing on specific groups and insulting two communities. What kind of attitude and mindset is this. The BJP can go to any level for its hunger for power. Its policies, attitude and philosophy are also restricted to power,” he added in a tweet.

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