NEW DELHI: The Army said it will grant permanent commission to 11 women officers who had approached the Supreme Court over the matter.
During a hearing on Friday, the court indicated that it is going to hold the Army guilty of contempt for not granting permanent commission to the officers.
As the SC bench was dictating its order, the law officers took instruction from the concerned authority and told the court that given the flow of today’s hearing, the government has agreed to grant permanent commission to the 11 officers.

In its observation the SC said that the government should be a model employer and should not discriminate among its employees. It also said that same monetary benefits be give to all who were employed at the same time and belonging to same cadre.
On February 17 last year, in a landmark verdict, the top court had directed that women officers in the Army be granted a permanent commission, rejecting the Centre’s stand of their physiological limitations as being based on “sex stereotypes” and “gender discrimination against women”.

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